You will find the information below in the committee booklet that you will receive on arrival.
The tournament is being held in conjunction with "l'opération Octobre Rose" to help raise awareness of breast cancer.
Friday 28 October, the tournament shall reflect the colour representive of the Breast Cancer Association, show your support by wearing the pink ribbon. 
Join us in supporting this cause by wearing something pink.

A medical service is provided every day from 17:00 to 19:00
Massage service available daily with a physiotherapist (by appointment).
Price: 20 € / 30 min.

A stringing service is available all day inside the Village. 
Price: € 13

Anyone involved in the tournament is likely to be filmed and / or photographed.  
The Organizing Committee reminds you that the transfer of image rights applies to competition venues, for all participants and spectators.

Restaurant menus
Sports Menu  - hot dish, yogurt and fruits
Gourmet Menu 13  - appetizer, hot dish and dessert


A sports formula is offered each day to each participant until her elimination. The tickets are available before each meal on presentation of your badge. Additional meals must be paid for.



A shuttle bus service is in place between the Hotel de l'Europe and the venue and is in operation every 30 minutes.